The Game

Witness to the Revolution

3D rendering of a revolutionary soldier standing before a guardhouse

Witness to the Revolution is an immersive, three-dimensional digital game about the 1770 Boston Massacre.

On March 5, 1770, British troops stationed in the town fired into a crowd of civilians, killing five. This incident, dubbed “The Boston Massacre” by Paul Revere in his famous engraving, has long since stood as a milestone on the road to the American Revolution. Yet even at the time, eyewitnesses were unsure of what precisely transpired that evening. Historians have been no more able to ascertain a singular truth or a definitive answer to the question of who was to blame for beginning the attack.

Witness to the Revolution takes this historical puzzle and transforms it into an opportunity for players to see how a colonial city and its residents could come to the edge of revolution.

This game is currently under development by students at Carleton College with guidance from Professor Austin Mason and myself.